Monday, December 15, 2008

Desert Rats

The Taylors have entered a new frontier....we are becoming desert rats! What is a desert rat you ask? Well let me tell you...a desert rat is someone who goes out to the desert and rides dirt bikes!!! Yes the Taylors are having some fun (finally)!!! We have gone out twice now and it is a blast!!!
Wish us luck and pray we don't break any ones!


Jyl said...

YAY!!! MORE POSTS!!! I love your festive site, and I love the pictures of you four wheeling freaks! I wanna come! You guys have so much fun! Love you and miss you

The Parents said...

I think Vance is reliving his mini bike days in Reno. He had a great time and had millions of miles of desert to explore. I am glad your family is having some great times in the desert. We have lots of desert around here, too, ya know. Thanks for the info about cameras, Heidy. We got a nikon at Costco. We will see how it does. I am so excited to take pictures of all my wonderful families. If you don't come here, we will have to find our way there.