Thursday, November 15, 2007


Andrew and I went to Nashville last month to visit our close friends
Christy and her son Luc. We had so much fun!!!I started off the trip by going to a Nashville Predators Ice Hockey game with Christy and Steve. I am not much of a hockey fan but I had a great time anyway!! The fans are very fun and we had great seats!

So then after the game...we met Elvis!!! This was right after we bought our boots (see below)!!

This is the Nashville Temple located in is smaller than most stake centers!

Luc and Andrew at Sonic...a very cool drive in with yummy shakes and slushes!

This is me wearing my new cowboy boots!!! I love them! Christy and I got the same pair!

This was my favorite store in Nashville...great food and the cutest little country gift shop ever!!!

The roads look like is quiet and peaceful yet you can drive 5 minutes from her house and go shopping!



Well here are Jake, Jessica and Ben just about to leave and get there loot! Andrew decided to saty home and pass out the candy. Ben loved his Mushu costume...I dont' know if anyone remembers but Jake was Mushu too (mmm does MOM love this costume?) when he was 4ish!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our family

So here we are...all 6 of us. Andrew is 12, Jake is 10, Jessica is 7 and Benjamin is 3! We love California and hope to stay for a long time! School keeps us all busy as I am the "homework meaner"!!! Ben is still trying to master the fine art of leaving his waste in the "potty"...pee included. He is quite bent on torturing me into the longest potty training year OF MY LIFE!!!

Here we are!

Well I am trying this blog thing out! We have friends and family getting into it so I thought why not.? I only have 4 kids, their homework demands, housework, shopping and a Primary to run so why not spend hours creating a blog? Call me crazy...cuz' I am!